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bmlbs logoThe BRITISH MATCHBOX LABEL AND BOOKMATCH SOCIETY (BML&BS) was formed in 1945 by a small number of matchbox label collectors (called Phillumenists ) to promote the hobby and assist all collectors.  Membership grew rapidly, and now well over 7,000 have passed through the Society from all over the world.

The Society, the largest of its kind, is non-profit making, all income being used to provide facilities for the benefit of members. It is run by Phillumenists for Phillumenists.  Election of officers who are honorary, is by nomination and election.

Benefits of Membership:

  • The BML&BS magazine MATCH LABEL NEWS is posted free to members by surface mail six times a year.  MATCH LABEL NEWS contains illustrated articles of interest to beginners as well as enabling the experts to discuss the finer points of the hobby.  Announcements of all events and reports of meetings in the MATCH LABEL NEWS keep you in touch with the Society and the hobby.
  • Members outside the Royal Mail tariff area for Europe can receive MATCH LABEL NEWS by air mail for the extra postage.
  • Only members receive the free world-wide Membership List listing details of our members and their collection details. This allows you to get in touch with other members for exchange of matchbox labels and matchcovers and correspond about the hobby.
  • A postal auction is conducted in every issue of MATCH LABEL NEWS.  Only BML&BS members may sell or buy in our postal auctions.
  • Frequent amendments of the Membership List published with MATCH LABEL NEWS  to keep the Membership List up-to-date.  When you join your name and details will shortly appear on an amendment and thereby brought to the notice of other collectors.
  • The BML&BS organises events in London and other towns throughout the year to which you are cordially invited. These events attract many visitors from home and abroad.  All these events are staged by members, and new members are especially welcome.
  • Our events include an auction for members to buy and sell items for their collection. Details of lots in forthcoming auctions and prices of lots sold in previous auctions are included with the MATCH LABEL NEWS. Visitors are allowed to buy in our auctions but only members may sell.  Only members may place proxy bids by post or e-mail.
  • Dealers are usually present at events to give you the opportunity to increase your collection by sorting through their stocks.
  • Areas are set aside at events for members to exchange matchbox labels and matchbook covers.
  • The BML&BS Approval Service is available to help seekers of "odd" or special labels at fair prices.  Labels can be sent to you from which you can make your selections.
  • The BML&BS Book Shop is run for those who want to obtain books and catalogues pertaining to the hobby.  Purchases can be made by post or at London events.
  • The BML&BS Library holds catalogues, magazines from other clubs, press cuttings and other archive material.  The BML&BS Library seeks to be the foremost comprehensive library of phillumeny related publications.  Members are eligible to borrow items from the Library.

Whether you are a collector of many years experience or just beginning, you will find it worthwhile to join.


BMLBS membership application form

Click on the PDF icon above to download a membership application form.


You can also see the application form by going to Application Form

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