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Application form
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To the Committee,

I wish to apply to {join}{rejoin} the BML&BS and agree to abide by its Rules.
         {Delete as applicable} Please use BLOCK CAPITALS throughout.
Surname ______________________________________________ Title {Mr}{Mrs}{Miss}{Ms}{________}
Forenames ________________________________________________________________________________
Address __________________________________________________________________________________
________________________________________________________________________________________ __
________________________________________________________________________________________ __
________________________________________________________________________________________ __
Telephone No. ____________________________________________ {Don't} show in Membership List
E-mail Address ___________________________________________ {Don't} show in Membership List

The following information is requested so that an idea of each member's interests can be included in the Membership List.

I collect {matchbox labels} {matchbox outers (skillets)} {dozen packet labels} {gross packet labels} {complete matchboxes} {matchbook covers} {complete matchbooks} {match holders} {matchbox holders}
I have approximately _______________ matchbox labels and _______________ matchbook covers.
I specialise in ________________________________________ (e.g. type, country, theme, etc.)
I agree to exchange with other members by mail and undertake to respond promptly to all letters received? {Yes}{No}. We can only indicate you will exchange by mail in the Membership List if you select {Yes}.
I am able to correspond in the following languages _______________________________________
I learned about the Society from _________________________________________________________

See for details of subscription and the mail and payment options for your country

I {want}{don't want} to pay extra to receive the Match Label News by airmail.
{I have paid through PayPal} {I enclose _____________________________ for my subscription}
I understand that information from this form will be stored by the BML&BS.
Signed ___________________________________________________ Date __________________________

Please print and complete this form.


You can either scan it and email it to


or mail it with your subscription to: BML&BS, 122 High Street, Melbourn, ROYSTON, SG8 6AL, UNITED KINGDOM


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