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The British Matchbox Label and Bookmatch Society (BML&BS) conducts auctions throughout the year. We hold two types of auctions:

  • AUCTIONS AT MEETINGS. The rules allow BML&BS members and temporary members to sell, bid and buy in our auctions at meetings but only full members can make proxy bids in these auctions.  Non-members wishing to bid at auctions may acquire temporary membership by payment of an entrance fee. Non-members selling in an auction acquire temporary membership by paying a higher seller's commission. There are no buyer's commissions. The dates of our meetings can be found in the list of Events. The full rules of Auctions at Meetings are published here.
  • POSTAL AUCTIONS. Only full members of the BML&BS may participate in our Postal Auctions. Members make maximum bids by email or post. Lots are knocked down at one bid step above the 2nd highest bid. Bidders, buyers and sellers are responsible for all postage and packing costs and sellers pay a seller's commission. An illustrated Postal Auction catalogue is distributed with each issue of the Match Label News published near the beginning of February, April, June, August, October and December). Go to Current Postal Auction to see all the lots on offer. The full rules of Postal Auctions are published here.

BMLBS membership application form

If you are not a member you can still bid in the Postal Auction if we receive your first subscription and a completed membership application form before bids close. Click on the PDF icon to download a form:


Our auction catalogues for both types of auctions are published in Match Label News, the bi-monthly journal of the BML&BS, which is distributed worldwide to our international membership.


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