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A source of information for Phillumenists and non-collectors.



We have introduced a Glossary of terms used in our hobby.  Hopefully there will be some lively debate in our Forum about these terms as we try and reach agreement on which ones we use and how we should use them.  Other countries may use different terms in their own language.  We want to publish those here too so, for example, British collectors will know that "skillet" in English is equivalent to "coupon" in France.  We want to do this to bring clarity of understanding in our hobby and help collectors who seek exchanges with collectors in other countries where dictionaries and on-line translation tools fail us.



The purpose of the Glossary is to define terms used in Phillumeny and point out occasionally misused terms. It is hoped that Phillumenists will use the standard terms (shown in red) from the Glossary so that confusion can be avoided.  Unless specified otherwise the terms are used by British Phillumenists.  Some of the definitions may appear very obvious to you.  They are included for completeness and to aid those whose first language may not be English.


To help phillumenists throughout the world with their exchanges we would like to include the terms you use in your country and your language.  With your help, we are compiling our ROSETTA table.



If you want to know more about Phillumeny and organising your collection then click on Beginners Guide.  More help and information will be added from time to time.




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