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We try to list as many links to other websites that may have an interest to phillumenists and others interested in the match manufacturing industry and the match trade.  If you know of any websites not listed that you think will be of interest here then please .


We have compiled 386 links in 57 countries to other websites.  For faster loading of web pages we have split these into the following categories:


  • Member sites - Links to 15 websites in 7 countries of members of the British Matchbox Label and Bookmatch Society.


  • Collector sites - Links to 112 websites in 24 countries of collectors and collections including museum collections.


  • Club sites - Links to 23  websites in 13 countries of phillumeny clubs and other organisations with activities of interest to phillumenists.


  • Company sites - Links to 212 websites in 48 countries of match manufacturers and match agents and other companies whose activities are of interest to phillumenists.  This also includes sites about past and present companies.


  • Miscellaneous sites - Links to 24 websites in 6 countries about anything else that may be of interest to phillumenists.



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