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A special greetings to our members in

England, Jersey, Scotland and Wales

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The subscription for members within the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man is GBP£15 per year. Your copy of the Match Label News will be sent to you by 2nd class mail.


You can pay your subscription by PayPal. Many members find this a convenient, secure and economic method for paying their subscription saving postal costs. To learn more about PayPal click on PayPal information.


PayPal take a small fixed amount and a percentage of the amount sent. The percentage differs from country to country. We charge a total so that after the PayPal deductions we receive the correct amount.


You pay


To pay us via PayPal just click on the Subscribe button



less 3.4% PayPal deduction

-GBP£  0.53

less fixed PayPal deduction

-GBP£  0.20

Society receives


If you choose to pay by PayPal we will send you a reminder when your subscription is next due.



Post your subscription to:

BML&BS Membership Secretary

122 High Street,





Receipts for payments received will be sent with your next copy of the Match Label News.



Payment can be made by Standing Order annually to our bank account. You can request a Standing Order form from the Membership Secretary. A form is necessary so a reference can be applied to distinguish your payment from all the other members who choose to pay by this method.



If you wish to pay by cheque it must be drawn on a British bank, it must be in pounds sterling (GBP) and it must have a six digit British bank sort code.  Cheques can be made be payable to either British Matchbox and Bookmatch Label Society or BML&BS.



Payment can be made by British Postal Orders. They must be made payable to BML&BS and crossed Account payee only.



Cash (in currency notes only, no coins) can be sent but only at your risk. Sending cash is not a secure method of payment. Unfortunately, please beware that your proof of posting cannot be a guarantee that your letter arrives with the money still inside.


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